Dear Teachers, Colleagues and Friends,

We are ready for a return to play!

Your local Area Secretary will be in touch with you soon to arrange local divisional competitions in the usual way. We hope to have all of these wrapped up by the 2nd week in May, allowing us to progress to our County Quarter Finals in good time.

There will be no Mini 7s this year.

Please complete the attached Affiliation Form (Google Forms) at your earliest convenience.

We are not seeking an Affiliation Fee this year but it is absolutely vital that all schools complete this form as our school data and contact list is quite out of date at this stage. The details you submit will be shared with your local Area Secretary this week to allow them to proceed with organising fixtures.

A list of local Area Secretaries may be found here:

Divisions are as follows:

Div 5  (2 Teachers)

7-a-side Boys / 5-a-side Girls

Div 4 (3 Teachers)

7-a-side Boys / 7-a-side Girls

Div 3 (4 Teachers)

9-a-side Boys / 7-a-side Girls

Div 2 (5 – 8 Teachers)

11-a-side Boys, 9-a-side Girls

Div 1 (9+ Teachers)

15-a-side Boys, 11-a-side Girls

Div 6

We hope to host a “Small Schools Day” later in the year for schools that are unable to field teams in Div 5.

Affiliation Form:

Le meas,–

Dan Charlton

Runaí, Cumann na mBunscol Mhaigh Eo