Day 1 of our Football County Finals takes place tomorrow, June 1st on the main pitch in McHale Park, remaining finals will be played next week, June 8th. Next week’s fixtures will be posted here presently.

Very best wishes to all!

3.00 Division 5 Girls:             Eachléim v Gortjordan

5 a side.           10 minutes per half

Referee: John O Boyle    Line: Peter Geraghty & Martin Walshe



3.45 Division 4 Boys:             Carracastle v Mount Pleasant

7 a side.           15 minutes per half

Referee: Peter Geraghty   Line: Martin Walshe & John O Boyle


4.30 Division 5 Boys:             Eachléim v Dernabroc

7 a side            12 minutes per half

Referee: Martin Walshe    Line: John O Boyle & Peter Geraghty


5.15 Division 3 Boys:             Bohola v Carrowholly

9 a side.           15 minutes per half

Referee: Liam Higgins   Line: Peter Geraghty & Martin Walshe


6.00  Division 3 Girls:            Fahy v Aughamore

7 a side.           15 minutes per half

Referee: Mick Herr     Line: Liam Higgins & Jimmy Feeney


6.45 Division 2B Girls:              Knock v Quay, Westport            

9 a side          15 minutes per half

Referee:   Jimmy Feeney   Line: Liam Higgins & Mick Herr


7.30  Division 2B Boys:    Newport v Balla                                    

11 a side          20 minutes per half

Referee: Liam Higgins   Line: Mick Herr & Jimmy Feeney



Dressing rooms are located under the main stand. You may be asked to share a changing room so please leave your gear stacked neatly when heading out to play.


We would be grateful if you would let parents/supporters know that there is an admission charge of €5 per family/ €3 per adult. Match programmes will be available on the day.


REMEMBER OUR MOTTO:          ‘Give Respect, Get Respect’.


We ask parents, teachers and all observing on the side line to show encouragement to the children that are playing. Show respect to referees and officials.




We understand that this is never intended but accidental slips are regularly heard in the heat of the moment. Remember this is a competition for children, involving children.


Thank you for your co-operation.

Enjoy the competition and best of luck to everyone on the day.