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January 2016

Mayo Teachers in All Ireland Interfirms Semi Final

teachers interf
Mayo Teachers Interfirms Squad (pic via @MayoGAA)

Congratulations to The Mayo Teachers Gaelic Football Team, who are in the All Ireland Semi Final of the Interfirms competition. This is on February 13th at 3.00 pm in Queens University  v  CitiBank, Belfast.

It is a tremendous achievement for them and it would be great to make the final. Cumann na mBunscol Mhaigh Eo would like to acknowledge this and lend our support to them. Many of them are in our Primary schools, training teams during and after school as well as doing their job and doing this in addition!

Unlike a club team, they have no method of generating revenue to fund their expenses so their team is reliant on sponsorship and is largely self sufficient, often funding their own travel and playing expenses themselves. They are not seeking money from anyone but any donations would be welcomed I’m sure.

In a recent email, Mike Gallagher, Secretary of Mayo Teachers Inter-firms team, thanked Cumann na mBunscol Mhaigh Eo for our contribution toward the expenses incurred this year on our run to their All-Ireland Semi Final.

Very best wishes to all involved, Maigh Eo Abú!

Full Panel:

Teachers Panel All Ireland Semi t

Cumann na mBunscol Sports Quiz 2016

Sports Quiz 2016


County Final: Wednesday, Jan 20th, 2016 Welcome Inn Hotel at 11am

Every local Cumann na mBunscol area can send 3 teams to the county final quiz, so you would need to hold your local quiz soon if you have not done so already to pick your top 3 teams.

Teams are of 4 pupils, no substitutes, they may be boys or girls or mixed from any class, higher classes preferrable obviously.
Some schols may wish to enter more than 1 team in their local area quiz.

To enter the local quiz, simply turn up with your team at the appointed time.

Questions are all sports based with a considerable GAA percentage and are of quite a high standard.

Good luck to all.

Cumann na mBunscol Handball 2016

Handball 2016


The Mayo Handball and subsequently the Connacht Handball competitions will be upon us soon so anyone wishing to enter would need to be preparing now.

There are the usual 8 seperate categories, as follows:

Girls’ singles under 11

Girls’ doubles under 11

Boys’ singles under 11

Boys’ doubles under 11


Girls’ singles under 13

Girls’ doubles under 13

Boys’ singles under 13

Boys’ doubles under 13



All competitors to be under 11 or under 13 on 01/01/16.

A date for the Mayo finals to follow soon

The Connacht finals of the Cumann na mBunscol Challenger 2 Handball Competition (U11 & U13) will be played in:

 Moycullen Handball Club, Moycullen, Co. Galway on Sunday the 07/02/16 starting at 10am.

NB: Only 1 entry per category per school, you cannot have 2 single boys or girls at either under 11 or under 13 or enter 2 teams in any of the doubles events.

This is a handball rule and is beyond our control, regular entrants will be familiar with it.

In the case of you having multiple entrants, schools will need to have play offs within their own school or club to select their best players to play in the above grades on the day of the competition.

Handball Rules should be explained to the competitors before the day of the competition and players should be familiar with at least the basics of the game.

Please send entries to Brendan Donnellan in St. Aidan’s N.S. Kiltimagh by email

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