Division 1, 1B & 2 County Semi Finals


Fixtures: semis div 1 2 2015

Semi Finals, Wednesday May 27. We are going ahead in The Centre of Excellence in Bekan as mentioned in last week’s email.
Please read all the following bits carefully!

Try to arrive at least a half hour before your throw-in time to allow time for everything. As always there is a tight schedule, so latecomers will hold things up badly and you may risk forfeiting your game.

We will have neutral officials: 1 referee and 1/2 linesmen per game as well as, hopefully, 1 umpire per goal. Team mentors will not be permitted behind the goals. We would ask all schools to follow directions on the day and comply with our motto of “Give Respect, Get Respect” and ensure that all team players, mentors and supporters behave in an appropriate manner.

Extra time will be played on the day at 5 minutes per half. If this fails to separate teams then there will be one further 5 minute single half. After that, we’ll have to replay.

Teams will be photographed prior to your game by our official photographer and hopefully you will appear in the local papers the following week. That will be your photo in the county finals programme also.

If you win your semi final I will want two things from you by this Friday, or before it if you can.
Firstly, can you confirm that you are ok for the finals date, Thursday June 4th. Finals will be from about 4.00 onwards, with 6 finals or so , one after the other. It’ll probably be starting around 4.00 and finishing with the last final roughly around 8.30, it literally depends how many we have each evening as there are another 6 for Wednesday.
Secondly can you send your biography/article and numbered team list to the programme co-ordinator, Walter Cox, by email to
Please use the numbered team list as they will tog out on the day as otherwise the newspaper reports will mix them up. You can use 5 subs  and you may wish to bring a few more who are part of the team but please don’t bring 15 or 20 subs.
Can you include which division you are in also as Walter won’t know you! We must have this by Friday as the printer deadlines dictate to us.
When I hear from everyone I will confirm times asap.
Congrats to everyone on getting this far. My thanks to everyone for their co-operation at this very difficult and hectic time of year, I am placing a lot of demands on ye!  A special thanks to the Division 1B schools who forged ahead and got their games played under short notice, we are now in a position to have those finals with the rest unlike last year, so well done to all concerned.
James Feeney,