Allianz Cumann na mBunscol|Small Schools Blitz June 12th 2013 | Elverys McHale Park




Group 1 Group 2 Group 3              
Crimlin Drummin Cloghans Hill
Cloondaff Garracloon Cogaula
Rathnamagh Killawalla Craggagh
Scoil Neifinn Tavrane Murrisk



  Pitch 1 Pitch 2
10:30 Crimlin  v  Shraheen  
10:50 Cloondaff  v  Rathnamagh Scoil Neifinn  v  Shraheen
11:10 Drummin  v  Garracloon Killawalla  v  Tavrane
11:30 Crimlin  v  Rathnamagh Cloondaff  v  Scoil Neifinn
11:50 Drummin  v  Killawalla Garracloon  v  Tavrane
12:10 Rathnamagh  v  Shraheen Crimlin  v  Cloondaff
12:30 Cloghans Hill v  Murrisk Craggagh  v  Cogaula
12:50 Crimlin  v  Scoil Neifinn Cloondaff  v  Shraheen
13:10 Cloghans Hill  v  Craggagh Cogaula  v  Murrisk
13:30 Drummin  v  Tavrane Garracloon  v  Killawalla
13:50 Rathnamagh  v  Scoil Neifinn Craggagh  v  Murrisk
14:10 Cloghans Hill  v  Cogaula  

Schools: please email with exact numbers to ensure every participant receives a medal.


Non – competitive Blitz format, scores will be kept by the referees,

but there will be no outright winner.

Games are 7 minutes per half.

Teams are 5 a side mixed.

Unlimited substitution, please use all the players you bring.

Every team has 3 games.

Every child will receive a winners medal when you have played your last game.


Normal GAA rules apply with our Cumann na mBunscol adaptations….

Player has one bounce and one solo or two solos, and has to pass or kick then

Frees, 45s and kick outs may all be taken from the hand

Your goalkeeper should take all kick outs

There is no square ball rule or penalties, all close in frees are 13 m